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Three very minor and iffy suggestions

  1. The “Archive” in the Message Centre is often elsewhere “Sent (Messages)” or “Outbox” since one can Archive items received, and, since there is space for tabs [ Inbox ] [Outbox][Archive] I would use them because the current “V” made the sent messages a little difficult to find.
  2. There does not seem to be a way to delete messages only archive them where they are put with sent messages.
  3. I can find no link to this forum on Prolific main page or the Help Centre. I have to go to the blog to find the announcement of its creation. I am sure a link is coming.
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A development that would definitely be useful for me is to have a participant nickname associated to each Prolific ID. These wouldn’t necessarily need to be unique, but they would help to better keep track of messages and participants who took part in a study (remember who talked about what, which message thread corresponds to which participant in my study, find the message thread from a few days ago, etc.)

Nicknames could:

  • be unique, in which case they could be set arbitrarily by Prolific and later updated by the participant.
  • be different depending on the researcher (from the researcher’s point of view, each nickname is unique including across experiments, but a participant may be shown with a different nickname to different researchers)

What do you think?

Hey @David, welcome to the community!

I’m so sorry it’s taken me so long to get back to you. I wasn’t notified of your post :frowning:

This is a great idea! We’re actually working on making participant IDs more user-friendly.

@Lucie_Barouillet is in charge of making this happen. What do you think of this idea?

Hey @David
Thank you so much for your suggestion and sharing your experience with using Participants IDs.

Making Participants ID easier to remember and navigate is indeed one of the area for improvement on our roadmap. There are a number of privacy and security implications which we do need to consider quite closely in relation to this problem, but we are always interested to hear about related experience to help us shape our understanding and potential solutions to take forward - so thank you so much for contributing to this.

Please let me know if you’d be interested to join one of our user research calls to share some more about your experience or help us test solutions (so that we can keep you in mind when we do come around to it).

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