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Having completed payment for all of my completed responses, how can I stop my active survey (option currently greyed out) and refund my existing account balance?

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I think that the system should just do it for you (move the study from active to completed), after a certain period of time. If you need to do another survey more quickly than that, then I think you will need to submit a support request. I have heard of studies getting stuck, in one of Paul’s responses, so that may have happened to you.


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Hi there,

I am considering using Prolific for the first time for a user study with a bonus payment. The Bonus is used as an incentive for the participant to play our game well, and will vary based on the participant’s performance.
Is there a way I can automate the calculation of the bonus for each participant, for instance through a parameter in the completion URL? Or do I need to approve manually for all my participants?


Is it possible to allow the same participant to take part in the study multiple times, without creating multiple studies?
E.g. If I put them on a custom allow list, and only open it up for one place, then they complete it, could I increase the number of places to allow them to take part again? OR if I created 5 places, could they keep taking part for 5 times until it is complete?
Related question: are participants who take part in a study automatically disqualified from taking part in the same study again if there are multiple places, and if so (I assume so) is there a way of turning this feature off to allow me to do the above?
Many thanks!

@Veronica would this then limit the eligible participants to those who have filled out the question in socioeconomic status? just thinking it’s not a filtering based on response, but is filtering based on completion.

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Hi @Jennifer , welcome to the forum! I don’t know of any way to use URL parameters to mark a bonus, but they did develop an API for bulk bonus payments, which could potentially work (see post here).
Otherwise, the best option I know of is to record the bonus amount in the data with the prolific ID and manually go down the sorted dashboard and data together.

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Hi @Lotty , I haven’t seen any options that would allow participants to complete the same study multiple times. By default, Prolific only allows one submission per study per participant, so my guess is that you would need multiple studies.

Hi from me too Lotty,

Adding to what P.P. says, it is possible to create multiple studies very easily using the “Duplicate” action from the top right menu.

However, not only are participants prevented from taking part in the same study more than once, they are also automatically prevented from taking part in duplicate studies, unless you remove the custom blocklist that is created automatically for you.

It is in your study dashboard under
Audience, Select Participants > Add another one ? > Custom Screener > Custom Blocklist

If you duplicate the study before anyone has taken it, then the blocklist will be empty but your custom allow list will be duplicated.


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Yes, good point. There is still this source of “limited” filtering, since from 296,177 matching participants active in the past 90 days, you pass to 198,236 participants. It’s surely something to bear in mind when valuating the pros and cons of this procedure vs asking again the question in the experiment.

FYI @SarahBellum


Hi! I am currently working on collecting data from current smokers who are trying to quit smoking and current smokers are who are not trying to quit smoking. I currently have one study running on Prolific where the prescreen is set for smokers who are trying to quit smoking. However, I need to run a separate study recruiting smokers in general with no pre-screen criteria because there are a limited number of current smokers who are trying to quit smoking available for recruitment on Prolific so I need to try to sample from the general pool and will hopefully get some more smokers who are trying to quit in addition to those who are not trying to quit. However I’m not sure how to prevent participants from participating in both “studies”, b/c they are being run simultaneously . Has anyone figured out how to make sure a participant doesn’t participate in two studies being run simultaneously?

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I don’t think there is a way to prevent people from taking part in both studies until you have their ID, which you will only get when they have completed whichever study they do first. Then you can put it in a custom black list.

If you duplicate a study then a custom blacklist with the IDs of users who have completed the duplicated study will be added to the duplicate.

You could ask them "Have you taken part in another study by me / similar study " and they ask them to return their submission if they respond yes. I am not sure what happens if they say no and do both studies. I think that can claim that they did not know that the other study was “similar” or “by you” etc.


Thank you very much Tim!


As I understand it, returned submissions do not count against your requested total. However, when following a study in the “Active” study tab, it appears that they appear under “Submissions Progress.” I do not understand why this would be the case. If participants have returned the study, shouldn’t they not appear in this?

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Hi everyone,

I am very new to prolific and looking to learn more about its capabilities.

I am wondering whether Prolific can be used to collect data on work teams. I would like to survey approximately 80 supervisors and their direct subordinates (minimum 3 workers per sup.), constituting 80 teams . Is that something that can be done using Prolific? Thank you in advance!

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Hello Prolific Community:

  • Quick question: what kind of data is provided in the demographic download?


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Hi @Dave_Sullivan,

Here is the list of demographic data you can expect to get:

  • session id
  • participant id
  • status
  • started datetime (in GMT)
  • completed datetime (in GMT)
  • time taken
  • age
  • sex
  • language
  • current country of residence
  • nationality
  • country of birth
  • student status
  • employment status
  • num approvals
  • num rejections
  • approval rate
  • reviewed at datetime (in GMT)
  • entered code
    Plus data of prescreening questions

Hi Uriel

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Chloe’s answer regarding the reverse scenario (workers and their supervisors) would also I think be appropriate to your case.

There is a screener to allow you to narrow participants to only those that have subordinates at work.
" At work, how many people do you have the authority to give instructions to? i.e. How many subordinates do you have?"

So you would need to create your own screening survey asking these participants if they would be prepared to get their subordinates to answer a survey. Since you would be asking only one questions you would need to pay them much, at minimum a few (15?) cents or pence.

Then you would create a custom whitelist of Prolific IDs so that all those that answered “yes” to the above survey would be invited to the next stage where they are given the link for the subordinates’ survey.

I think


Hi everyone,

I just have a quick question. How are Prolific IDs assigned to participants? Are they assigned randomly, or are they derived from something else? Thank you!

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Hi Courtney

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But I am sorry I can’t be of help.

I would like an answer to this question too. I wonder if there is a sequential component to the IDs.


In my study the estimated study completion time was 25 min (£7.52/hr), however the actual median completion time was 34 min (£5.40/hr).
Do I need obligatory need to top up my account to adjust reward per hour? The study shows completed in Prolific portal.

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