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I use Qualtrics and I pull data from qualtrics.

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You set the estimated time to completion and the amount of money you will pay them. Say, you expect 30 minutes and you will pay $5, then participants will get $5, whether they take 15 min or 45 min. I think Prolific will flag an issue if you estimate 30 min but the average participant actually takes more than the max time that prolific sets.

From my experience: I have a questionnaire going that I say should take up to 15 min. The average participant is at a little less than half that time. Doesn’t seem like people are trying to make the questionnaire take 15 min or more. They want to get it done and get to other questionnaires or activities.

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hey @David_Martinez & @Yaheli_Cohen (welcome to the forum!),
so far this all seems great, but I’ll add a couple details:

It should take around 25 minutes to complete my survey.
how should I describe it in the instructions?

whenever you “approve” a participants’ submission, they receive the base rate advertised. So you’d pick the hourly rate, say USD$15.00/hour. Then if you expect the survey to take 30 minutes, the advert would be something like

We estimate that the study will take 30 minutes and we will pay USD$7.50, which equals USD$15.00 per hour if you complete the survey in the expected amount of time.

Of course, there are many ways that it could be described that’s just one example.

How can I be sure that the participant won’t take their time in answering my survey, in order to reach the max time and get more money?

Because they simply get paid the “base rate” for completion, it doesn’t matter how long they take (although they will time-out if they don’t make their submission within the maximum time). When Prolific calculates the actual rate per hour, they use the median participants’ completion time as an estimate, in case there are some people who take a long time.

I use an external survey platform - Qualtrics. Where will I review the participants’ results? via Prolific, via Qualtrics?

There are some data to export from Prolific, which include any pre-screeners that were used during recruitment. The rest of the data - everything from Qualtrics - will be exported from Qualtrics.


As David says, you’d get your data from Qualtrics but, there is an exception in that you can get basic demographic data, time taken, and the answers to the screener questions from Prolific, Submissions > More (menu on the right)> Download demographic data,

Incidentally if you add extra screeners with all options selected then you can get free data, about participants, but it will reduce the number of available participants since those that have not answered the question will be screened out.


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Dear Yaheli

I have translated that post and it says On Sunday, June 12th (my birthday) <‪notifications@prolific1.discoursemail.com> but I am afraid I am not sure of the reason for your post.

Please feel free to message me if you prefer by clicking on @timtak and Message.


Thank you very much for your response!

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I have a study that, for good performers, pays ~$15/hr. We have a fairly difficult tutorial, and want to issue an intermediate payment for those who fail it ($4). The tutorial only takes a few minutes. If I set up that tutorial amount as the study payment and then issue study completion as a bonus, it deflates the listed hourly rate to ~$8/hr. I’m concerned that will artificially keep people from participating. Any tips?

hi @Warren_Pettine ,

It sounds like you might want two studies in this situation, which would prevent screening people out once they begin to participate in the high-paying study.

In that case, there would be one study with the tutorial and then a second study which would only be available to those Prolific PIDs that have successfully completed the tutorial.

Would that help address the issue?

Hi there. I’m unable to publish my survey–prolific keeps telling me I have to top off my account, but I have more than enough funds to collect the data I’m trying to collect. I’m in a huge time crunch so am very stressed that I can’t publish my survey! Any help would be so greatly appreciated! Thank you!

Dear Taylor

Welcome! I am very sorry to hear this.

Could you try with just one participant to make doubly sure that it is not shortage of funds as the GUI says? You can add places later.

Meanwhile since you are in a rush, please contact support and send a message to @Jon (click and click on “Message”) with the support ticket number so he can ask for it to be prioritised.


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