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I have a study that, for good performers, pays ~$15/hr. We have a fairly difficult tutorial, and want to issue an intermediate payment for those who fail it ($4). The tutorial only takes a few minutes. If I set up that tutorial amount as the study payment and then issue study completion as a bonus, it deflates the listed hourly rate to ~$8/hr. I’m concerned that will artificially keep people from participating. Any tips?

hi @Warren_Pettine ,

It sounds like you might want two studies in this situation, which would prevent screening people out once they begin to participate in the high-paying study.

In that case, there would be one study with the tutorial and then a second study which would only be available to those Prolific PIDs that have successfully completed the tutorial.

Would that help address the issue?

Hi there. I’m unable to publish my survey–prolific keeps telling me I have to top off my account, but I have more than enough funds to collect the data I’m trying to collect. I’m in a huge time crunch so am very stressed that I can’t publish my survey! Any help would be so greatly appreciated! Thank you!

Dear Taylor

Welcome! I am very sorry to hear this.

Could you try with just one participant to make doubly sure that it is not shortage of funds as the GUI says? You can add places later.

Meanwhile since you are in a rush, please contact support and send a message to @Jon (click and click on “Message”) with the support ticket number so he can ask for it to be prioritised.


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Hi, my Researcher Account has sufficient funds, yet I can’t publish a survey. No response from my support ticket in the past 24 hours… can you help resolve?

Dear @Samantha_Jamson

Do you see an error saying you should top up your account? If this is the case, that’s probably due to a discrepancy between your total and available balance.

The total balance is the money in your account from the top-ups you’ve made minus any funds spent on participant payments, while the available balance is how much you will after any active studies have been completed.

So, it might be the case that your total balance is showing that you have enough, but your available balance is not enough because some of your money is reserved for an active study on your account (more details here). You can check your different balances here.

Could this be the case?

Hi Veronica, my available balance exceeds the cost of the study. I have no active studies…so I’m a bit confused!

Mmmh. If this is due to a bug, it’s better if someone from Prolific has a look at it. I guess that if you share via DM to @Jon (click on the name >> Message) the details of the study (study name + your researcher account email), he could have a look at it. Otherwise, you can still DM him with the ticket number you have received from your request to the Support to know where the Team is with your case.


Dear all,

I set up my study, but I can’t publish it. I click on “I have read and agree to the above” and then on “Publish”, but nothing happens. It just freezes until I close the window. What should I do?

Best regards,

Hi @Alessandro_Aru

Since also @Samantha_Jamson reported a similar problem, it might be the case that this is a common bug. To give it more attention to the Prolific Team, I’ve created this thread where hopefully we’ll receive good news soon.


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