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Hi Tim,
yes I did ask them their Prolific ID. In fact it was the first question we ask them to enter, and it is used to match participants.
While matching the IDs, I found that their answers to age and gender question did not match with their Prolific data (the age differences were quite large to be neglected). That’s why I feel puzzling and would like to ask whether it would be appropriate to ask them about the mismatch (since it might be personal and complicated).

Thank you very much for your thorough explanation and advice! Have a great day!

Best wishes,

Hi @Cristelle_Guette_LP,

You can use the bonus payment option to award a partial payment for a timed-out submission, without having to worry about the submission being returned. The same procedure can be used for returned submissions.

I’m not sure if a timed-out submission can be returned, but it shouldn’t make a difference on your end - the procedure would be the same. It might be better on the participant end to return the submission, if they can, for their own record as a participant.

Hope that helps,

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Hi @Thomas_Dudek,

Since you know the maximum amount of time that a participant would have spent before deciding to leave, I might calculate a partial payment based on that amount of time and award it as a bonus payment.

It might be good to track the ID numbers to distinguish between those people who started the study and waited around, compared to those who signed up and decided not to participate on their own.

Hope that helps,

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Hey @Bristolresearch, welcome to the community! :tada:

We’re currently rolling out a paid rejections trial where participants are automatically approved and paid for their submissions. You are still able to reject participants in accordance with our guidance up to 21 days after their submission, and Prolific will directly refund you the cost of any rejections made.

Further information on this should have been available as a pop-up on the submissions pages of your studies. This is a new trial with only a small proportion of our researchers at the moment, so we have opted not to change details in our Help Centre to avoid confusion.

Let me know if you’d like to opt out of this scheme :slight_smile:

Dear @Josh

Thank you for your reply! That makes a lot of sense now.

I also have a few more questions about my live study. I have linked Prolific to Gorilla and have noticed that the study duration times are different for the same participant. For instance, on Prolific, one participant took 33 minutes to complete the study whereas on Gorilla, it says they took 24 minutes. Do you know why this is happening/ how I should proceed from here?

In addition, the average time for my study is approximately 15 minutes at a paid rate of 7.50 pound/per hour, but there are a few participants who take longer - would they get paid more for this or would it be at the same rate? I’m a bit unclear on how much the participants get paid as the average reward per hour keeps increasing when the study is live.

Thank you in advance!


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Always happy to help :slight_smile:

The start and finish times recorded on Prolific are from when a participant first clicks to enter your external study from the moment that they submit the study on Prolific. Sometimes there may be a delay in the participant starting or submitting the study on Prolific, so this can lead to discrepancies in the times between our platform and your external study software.

Participants are paid the set rate for the study that you indicate when you set the study up, and this does not vary based on how long a participant actually spends on the study. We do calculate an average completion time that we use to provide a ‘per hour’ payment rate, and we will let you know if this payment rate per hour drops below our minimum level (£5 per hour). This ‘average time taken’ figure is the median completion time, and we use the median as this means that the average is not skewed if there are a couple of participants with unexpected completion times.

Hope that clears things up!

Hello Paul and thanks for your response!

If I’m not wrong, Prolific will approve all participants’ completion automatically after 21 days.
If I paid someone a small bonus payment as a thank you and apology that the participant couldn’t continue, wouldn’t Prolific still automatically approve participants and pay the standard participation fee?
Is there a way to avoid this?

Best regards,

Hi, we are in the process of designing a study. We will prescreen on some aspects but we would also like to export demongraphic and other details that appear available in the pre-screen option. I note it appears possible to export some items but the list of available items seems limited. Can we also get additional data on questions from the different categories, including such Gender identity, Sexual Orientation, Relationship/Marital status, Employment Status and home ownership etc?

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Hi Thomas,

I believe you’re correct when the status is “awaiting review”. You can ask participants to “return” the submission (in the study itself and/or by message in Prolific after) so it doesn’t get approved automatically. Participants that submitted without completing will probably have “NO CODE” since they didn’t finish (although it is possible to finish and still have “NO CODE”). If you can tell that they didn’t do the study and they won’t return the submission, I’m pretty sure you can submit a request to Prolific to do so.


Thanks, Paul!

That sounds like a good solution :blush:
I will try that out in the next pilot study.


Hi Josh,

Thank you for your quick response! I have one final question about NOCODES. Some of my participants failed attention checks or didn’t pass initial screening questions and were hence rejected from the experiment. However, their payment has automatically been approved despite them failing to properly complete the study and they say they are unable to return submissions. How do I proceed from here without rejecting them at first stance.

Best wishes,


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I am in the process of creating a study and have signed up using a referral link.
After topping up via bank transfer in pounds, I am unable to receive the 240 Pound top up from Prolific for the referral.
I am unsure what I did wrong, how can I resolve my issue?
Thank you for your help,

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Hey David, welcome to the community! :tada:

@Veronica has a great explanation on how to do that here

Let me know if you have any further questions!

No worries :slight_smile:

Get in touch with our support team with a list of the participants you’d like to return their submissions, and they’ll be able to do it manually for you.

Once you get a support ticket number, let me know what it is, and I’ll make sure it’s prioritised

Hey @John_Volvic, welcome to the community! :tada:

Get in touch with our support team, and they’ll be able to manually apply a coupon to your account.

Once you get a support ticket number, let me know, and I’ll make sure it’s prioritised


I am currently trying to use the referral code to set my research student up with an account to make use of the £240 scheme. If they use the referral code and set up an account, do they need to do anything else to receive the £240? I might also need to transfer them further funds for their project, is it easy for me to transfer that over via prolific from my account?

Many thanks for your help.

Hi Josh,

Thank you for the fast reply!
My request number is 132152, it would be great if this issue could still be resolved today :slight_smile:
Thank you so much!

Best, John

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Hello Josie,
welcome to the Forum!

If they use the referral code and set up an account, do they need to do anything else to receive the £240?

No, I’ve personally never used the referral tool, but as far as I know there is no extra action needed to get the bonus. However, I think there is an amount of time by which the referred person needs to use the bonus (say, by one month), but I’d ask @Josh to confirm this information.

I might also need to transfer them further funds for their project, is it easy for me to transfer that over via prolific from my account?

Yes, you just need to send a request to the Prolific team with all the details, and they’ll do the job for you!

Hope it helps.

I’ve highlighted it with the team. They’ll get back to you ASAP

Hi Josh,

I was wondering what the “Pause” button for an active study actually does, as there are usually some more participants coming into our study, even if we put it on pause. This creates additional costs, as we have an interactive study, so that we have to pay the participant, while we cannot assign them to a session in our experiment. Would stopping the experiment work, even if there are still participants in the experiment, who need to be redirected to Prolific at the end?


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