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Dear Kay

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I have checked out the type of payments possible in the past here below

And as noted in the above post, Prolific uses Braintree to handle payments.

I compared the list of possible payment methods on my post above and as listed now on the Braintree site and there appears to be no difference
PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Venmo, and most credit and debit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, JCB, Diner’s Club, and UnionPay.
PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Venmo, and most credit and debit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, JCB, Diner’s Club, and UnionPay.

So alas, it seems that something strange is going on, as far as I can tell, since there has been no change in the card types that are supported. Unless…the Braintree page lists cards that can be used by those in the US and perhaps there have been changes to the type of cards that can be used by those outside of the US.

In either case I can only suggest that you wait for a response from support, or perhaps, is there anyone else that can help with, or has experienced, this error message

“The card type you used isn’t currently supported. Please try a different card or contact Prolific Support.”

I am sorry I am unable to help.


Hi Tim,

Thank you so much for your response and for that information!

I heard back from Prolific Support and they informed me that they are “aware of some issues surrounding our new card top-up flow. Specifically, AmEx cards are currently not supported on our new payment flow.”

Seems like a bug that they’re currently working to resolve.

Well wishes,

Hi Tim,

Thank you so much for the information! I appreciate the timely and helpful response.

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Hello! I’m wanting to have parents of kids under 18 complete a survey. Is spending the extra money to get a nationally representative sample worth it?

Dear Karina

I am pretty sure it is not possible to use other prescreeners (having a teenage child) when ordering a representative sample because there will not be people in all races and above all age groups with teenage children, according to the rules/policy of Prolific and just due to the physical, biological impossibility of the situation.

By the way, did you find a way of specifying “parents of teenage children” other han by make several studies?


Hi, I was wondering if I can combine prescreeners on Prolific in an “OR” way.

Specifically, I want to limit participation to people who are either currently studying OR have already graduated (Bachelor or Master) from a university.

I don’t see how I can do this on Prolific. Selecting multiple prescreeners results in an “AND” condition. In the above example, for instance, this would result in limiting the study to people who are currently studying AND have already graduated from a university, which is something completely different.

Has anyone come across a way to do this on Prolific? Thanks a lot in advance, Arno

Dear Econaufc

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I am afraid that, afaik, there is no OR functionality for prescreening questions so that if you use both screening questions then they will be applied with AND logic.

The way to get around this (other than to ask Prolific for new, OR functionality) would be to run separate studies for each of the prescreeners, and use the inbuilt black list functionality to prevent participants who both have graduated and are currently studying from participating twice.

If you duplicate a study from the study action menu top right after it has completed then participants who have already taken the study will not be able to join the duplicate. You can change the screener e.g. from graduate to currently studying in the duplicate.

Alternatively you can create a second study from scratch for graduates as opposef to those currently studying, and add a custom blocklist contain the list of Prolific IDs of the participants who took the first study.

This does mean that you have to choose the order of the studies and you will not be able to recruit graduates and students simultaneously (unless you don’t mind a few graduates submitting to the students study or vice versa).

I am sorry about the lack of “OR logic”. If you search for it on these forums you will see that it has been requested more than once. I guess that Prolific are already onto it, but it may take time.

I am sorry I can’t help more.


I plan on adding First Language Prescreen question to my study (A sociolinguistic study created on Gorilla but going to be run on Prolific). I want to add a Screener Validation to my Gorilla set-up but I cannot find the exact wording for the First Language Prescreener question is worded.

Does anybody know what the exact wording of the First Language Pre-screener Question is and would be able to share that?

Dear Krystal

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To find the exact wording of any screener, go to a study setup page and click on “Add Screener”

Then type a keyword or two from the screener (e.g. in this case “first language”)

Then click on the right arrow on the right hand side.

Then copy the question which is in bold after "Participants were asked the following question: "

or in this case
What is your first language?

You will probably not be able / have time to input all of them, with will result in your check NOT being exactly the same but I think that if you include a few languages, including the language that should be the participants’ first language, then you will be forgiven for the slight non-exactitude, in my humble non-Prolific employed position, but you could also add the full list of languages.

I hope your study goes well,