🤔 Ask Anything Thread (Newbie Friendly)

You’re right! it worked! Beautiful ! Thank you very much!


Hey @Andrea, welcome to the community :tada:

Just to add to @Chloe_Nguyen’s great answer, you can find a list of common reasons why participant data might be missing here.

Lmk if you have any other questions!

Hi everyone,

I’m conducting a study where I need answers from people with different personality types. I have now started to collect data and saw that I have not enough people who are extroverted.

Of course I can’t pre-screen for this criterium. However would it be possible/allowed to put the personality type questionnaire in the front of the survey and then add some type of branch logic so that only extroverts can complete the rest of the survey?

That way I would pay everyone for the 2 minutes that they need to fill out the personality type questionnaire but would only have to pay the extroverted people who’s answers I’m interested in for the rest of the survey (additional 8 minutes).

Would be great if anyone could let me know if this method is possible!

Thanks in advance and best regards,

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I couldnt see why it couldnt work from a technical viewpoint. Be sure to give the two groups (extroverted vs non-extroverted) 2 unique completion codes or any other types of identifiers for your ease of reward distribution. You could also set a fixed payment for all and those who proceed to the end of your survey will receive bonus as the additional reward.

Hi, I just finished my first Prolific study and as I’m looking at the data I realise that I have 63 (out of 600) participants who did not enter their Prolific ID when I asked for it in my study. I checked my data against the excel-file containing the prolific IDs and the demographic data of the participants, so I have the IDs of those who did not enter their ID. When looking at the data, it seems valid so I think I should approve all responses, but I just wanted to check whether you have any guidelines or tips on how to handle this kind of situation.


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Hey @Corinna_Schmitt,

Unfortunately, we don’t allow this type of screening within studies run on our platform. All screening must be done before a participant enters a study.

But this approach may be helpful here: Recruiting a Custom Sample :slight_smile:

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Hey @Julia_Tibblin, I hope your first study went well (apart from this small issue)!

Not to worry, as long as you’re happy with the data, go ahead and approve the submissions. Participants sometimes forget to input their IDs. That’s why we recommend that you use automatic recording of IDs. But if you need to use manual recording, make sure it is a mandatory question in your study :slight_smile:

Hey! Curious if there are any future plans to allow for non-researchers and the greater community to vote on submissions for the £10,000 Research Grant Competition? Also, any helpful tips for engaging the Prolific community to vote on our submission? :blush:

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Hi Josh,

I published a study, but I am not getting enough participants for significant data. Is there any way I can increase the incentive so that I can encourage new participants to take part? If not, can I resend the recruitment email to the participants who have not completed the study yet?

To be clear, this was a 2-part study where I collected the prolific IDs of the participants from the first part and custom allowed them to take part in the second part of the study.


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Good morning erveryone,

in my study, I am considering including something like “if you have any questions contact me via Prolific”.
Is this possible? Which information do I need to include? Do I have a Prolific-ID or something similar which I can give participants so they contact me?

Thanks and best,

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Hey everyone,

as reserachers, we need to get consent from the participants at the beginning of the study (Getting consent – Prolific).

Is there a template/best-practise for this? If you have a “standard” / “harmless” survey (no sensitive data etc.).
I want to make sure to tell participants everything I need, while keeping the text as short as possible.


Participants are given a link to contact the researcher both as a text link on the splash page at the start and end of the study and on the submissions page as a little envelope, which if hovered over says “contact researcher.”

So yes. “if you have any questions contact me via Prolific" or “If you have any questions please contact me via the Prolific splash page at the end of this study, or via the little envelope on the right side of the Submissions page in the row of this study.”



Hi again Jan
I asked for a pro forma consent form as a feature request but as far as I know there is as yet no template. There are lots of informed consent form templates Googleable, however, such as this from the University of Michigan

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Dear Angela

You can copy study 2, increase the reward, and then use a custom whitelist prescreener to include those participants of 1 that have not completed study two. In that case on those on the whitelist will be informed by prolific of the existence of the study. I think that when you copy study 2 all those that have already completed it will be added to an automatically created blacklist so I think you could add all the participants of study 1 to the white list , but I am not entirely sure of the logic applied when a participant is in the whitelist and the blacklist. It would be safer to add only those that have not completed 2 to the whitelist.

You could also email the participants of study 1, selectively or in toto, from the Actions menu in study 1, I think.



At the moment, no. But you can ask your colleagues to sign up to the platform to vote. As long as they’re researchers, it’s all good :slight_smile:

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Hi, I’m running a study on Prolific for the first time - very exciting. I’ve managed to make a schoolboy error and didn’t release enough tokens in Gorilla so my data recruitment in Prolific stopped. Thinking that my study had stopped recruiting, I stopped the study. Is it possible to reactivate it? I don’t want to duplicate and offer it again in case the same people do the experiment twice.


Bronwen (Phonetician @ University College London)

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Thanks a lot, Tim!!

Hi everyone,

question about previewing my study (Previewing your study – Prolific).

What are the downsides of the short version? Why is the long version necessary?

Thanks and best

Hi Jan

I can think of three differences, but I may be wrong and I am sure there are others.

Using the Long Version:
You’ll be able to see the entry and exit splash pages including the pay per hour that Prolific is estimating.

You’ll be able to check the prescreening conditions, to see if a participant account of the demographic you want is indeed called to participate.

You’ll be able to see if the paticipant ID is passed to your survey site (if you are using that functionality, I don’t) and whether the completion code is passed back to Prolific (if you are using that functionality, and I do).

All as far as I know.


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Hi, I’m getting close to running a research project on Prolific. My question is about the consent form. The project requires demographics, some online tests and 2 questionnaires. We have that all coded up. Am I right in understanding Prolific will direct participants to a URL to complete these. Also, is there a way to link a consent form through Prolific at all? I am hoping to do so to avoid having to put it all on a website, but will do so if necessary. Thank you.

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