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Hi @Josh, thank you so much for responding!

I am transferring from a bank in the Netherlands, so the currency on my bankaccount is euros. However, I have the option to transfer money directly in pounds (which I thought was needed for Prolific), but that requires an address.

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I’ve just sent you a message with the details :slight_smile:

Hi Josh,

Thanks for clarifying. Appreciate the help!


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I have a random question. I collected some data yesterday hoping to get a decent amount of rural/urban respondent from the US. However, I ended with 90% urban and 10% rural respondents (which make sense as 82% or the US live in Urban areas).
Is there a way for me to apply restriction to get more rural respondents?

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Hey Bjk, welcome to the community!

Unfortunately, we don’t have a specific filter targeting rural participants. But you could use the two-study approach to target U.S. states with big rural populations (like Maine or West Virginia) using our ‘Current U.S State of Residence’ filter.

The basic idea is that you’d send a screening survey to people in those states and ask them if they live in rural areas. Then, you’d send your full survey to those who answer ‘Yes’.

Hope that makes sense! :slight_smile:

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Hi Josh,

Thanks for the quick response. I may the screening question and include it in the description.

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No worries :slight_smile:

Make sure that the screening survey and the full survey are separate like in the process described here.

We don’t allow the screening out of participants from a study unless you’re reconfirming info from one of our standard filters. This is to stop participants being unfairly ejected.

Also, just a word of caution, there’s no guarantee you’ll find the rural participants you’re looking for. But the process I’ve linked to is your best bet.

Hope that makes sense! :slight_smile:

Hi Josh,

I see there is a feature under the influence"Study completion" section: the link for attention check failures.

Could you please explain more how it works?My understanding is, if I don’t set this up in my Qualtrics survey, every participant can complete the survey. Is that correct?


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I am about to conduct a study and want to make sure I understand exactly what could happen before I start.

  1. What is the best way to “close” a study? In the course of the study, we will need to prevent people from entering the study after a certain amount of time. However, we still want people to complete the study, even after the study has been closed. We looked into “pausing” and “stopping” a study, but aren’t sure if this will have the desired behavior of preventing new participants from joining but letting current participants complete.
  2. There is a slight possibility that even if participants complete the study, we may want to reduce their compensation (this is specified in the recruitment and consent form). I know we can reject participants, but this is generally undesirable. Is there a way to pay people partial compensation even after they complete if their submission isn’t acceptable?
  3. Our requirement is to have at least three people participate in our study within a short time window of ten minutes. We were wondering if this was likely, or if there are certain times in the day this is more likely?


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Hi Olivia, welcome to the community!

Is this “link for attention check failures” feature in Prolific or Qualtrics?

Hi Josh,

It is the link for “attention check failures” in Prolific. When creating a new study in Prolific, under the "STUDY COMPLETION” section, if I choose “I will direct them using a URL”, two links are automatically generated.

I found info on Prolific website regarding the Completion Code URL (and how to integrate it into Qualtrics), but I am confused about how the link for “attention check failures” works.

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I would like to have a peer-rated survey.
The participants recommend a co-worker who will rate one of their scores.
Is this possible?

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Apologies Olivia, this is a new feature we rolled out a few days ago, so I was a bit confused earlier.

Here are all the details you need:

  • The idea is to make the review process quicker by flagging participants that have failed attention checks.

  • When you set up your study you will still need to put in the completion code URL to redirect your participants back to the Prolific website, as you have done in your previous studies.

  • Now, however, you also have the option to add a second URL which automatically ends the study if a participant fails two attention checks, directly after they have failed the second check.

  • These participants will be easily identifiable on the submissions page making it easier for you to spot them. Please, still ensure your attention checks are fair before rejecting participants.

  • If you would prefer, you do not need to use this feature and can just leave the box blank. This will mean that you manually check for failed attention checks at the end of your study by reviewing the submissions, as you will have previously done.

Essentially, if your programme logic isn’t compatible with this new system, then there’s no need to use it

Sorry for the earlier confusion. Let me know if I can clarify anything further :slight_smile:

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Hey Cynthia, welcome to the community! Glad you’re here :tada:

Unfortunately, we don’t have a filter targeting your needed sample. Would their co-workers need to be on Prolific to do the rating?

Hey Sydney, welcome to the community! It’s great that you’ve joined :tada:

  1. Pausing or stopping your study just stops the recruitment of new participants. Everyone still enrolled will be able to finish.

  2. It’s not possible to change the compensation amount once its set unfortunately. To avoid rejecting participants, you can ask them to ‘return’ their submission instead. You can read more about when it’s appropriate to reject participants here.

  3. This will depend on the length, payment level and nature of your study, but generally we see participants starting studies within a few minutes of it being posted. And I did a breakdown of the best times to publish your study here.

Hope that helps! Let me know if I can help further :slight_smile:

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Thank you! This was great help. :slight_smile:

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Hi Josh,

Thanks for the detailed reply! Does Prolific provide any instructional articles on how to set this up in Qualtrics?

Also, does this mean that if participants fail two manipulation checks, they won’t be qualified for the compensation? Will Prolific automatically reject them?

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We don’t unfortunately. I’m not familiar with Qualtrics, but I expect you may be able to set something up in the logic of the programme? Sorry I can’t be more help here.

This new process aims to make identifying participants who do not provide good quality data easier. To not pay them, you need to reject them as usual.

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