Can't save or publish study


I have already done several studies with Prolific and Qualtrics. I am now trying to set up a new one but I am not able to save it as a draft or publish it. When I click the buttons there is no confirmation, and when I leave the page, I am asked if I want to leave without saving the changes made. I am quite sure the set-up is correct (and anyway I am not receiving any error message…). I am working on a Mac, and I tried both with Safari and Chrome. Maybe someone experienced something similar? Any suggestion is welcome!


Hello @Alberto_Acerbi and welcome to the Forum!

One possible explanation is that you don’t have enough in your balance to cover the cost of this study. While your total balance might say you have enough, your available balance could not be enough.

The total balance is the total amount of money in your account minus the funds spent on participant payments. The available balance is how much you will have after any active studies have been completed. You can read more about this here: Total & available balance explained – Prolific. On your account, you can check your different balances here: Prolific.

Another possible explanation could be that you accidentally forgot to insert the study link in your Draft, in which case you shall see an error message like this:

Could any of the two cases explain your situation?

Hi @Veronica,

thank you very much for your reply! The problem has been solves, it was from Prolific side (no idea what exactly was…) but now it works :slight_smile: