Chloe – my best recommendation of a Prolific expert – Research Assistant

I have been so lucky to work with Chloe – one of the Prolific Research Assistants - although super user is a better description of her! I am conducting a longitudinal survey study where I use Prolific to recruit participants in two waves and Qualtrics to collect data. Chloe has been - and continues to be - an invaluable help and advisor to me in this work. She has high expertise, responds quickly and is very careful with details. She has given invaluable consultancy and input to the set-up and functionality. I give her my very best recommendations! She really is a useful resource and advisor! Best wishes, P. Kraft, Professor, Department of Psychology, University of Oslo, Norway.


That’s amazing to hear! I’m glad that you’ve had a great experience. As you’re one of our first 10 requests, you’re entitled to a discount, up to the value of £75. Would you like to claim it? :slight_smile:

Hi Josh,

I do not think it fair to claim a discount. Thanks a lot for finding expert users that we can consult – it really helps doing more and more sophisticated research on the platform.

Have a nice day!



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Fair enough :slight_smile: And we’re happy that this has enabled you to do more on the platform. If you have any colleagues that you know might find this useful, send them our way!