Designating Study as Academic

I’ve opened a Prolific account to do academic research; my account is tied to my university email account. I created a study draft, but in the “Study Cost” section of that draft it shows a 33% service fee rather than the 25% service fee for academic studies. I submitted a Support request about the issue, but haven’t heard anything back. Is there any way (change my account settings, etc.) to have it show the 25% fee instead? Thanks!

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The usual cost for non-academic studies is apparently 30%,

so 33% is surprising.

To make sure that your service fee is set at the academic pricing level you would need to contact support.

I am surprised that this did not happen automatically due to your using an academic email address. I am not sure why this is.

I am sorry I can’t be of more help. Thanks for posting this because I have not checked I am being charged the academic rate either.


I thought the fee was 33% regardless of affiliation. The 25% fee for academics is news to me. I just looked at an invoice from June 10th and 33% is what I was told the charge was. Seems like there was a recent change but I didn’t receive any communication about this…would have been nice to know :man_shrugging:

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Thank you for your responses, Tim and David. I re-read the pricing information and understand now. I am getting the 25% academic rate but the rate is not calculated as a markup over what participants are paid. Instead, it’s calculated as a margin, i.e. as a percentage of the total cost of the study, which includes the fee that Prolific charges (but excludes VAT). Thus the actual markup for academic studies is 33.3%.
For non-academic researchers who join Prolific after June 6, the margin is 30%, which is equivalent to a markup of 42.9%. It’s all explained here:

Although I think phrasing the cost as a markup is confusing, ironically, Prolific says it changed the fee terminology from a markup to a margin to avoid confusion. If you were cynical, you might suspect they did it because phrasing their fee as a margin makes the fee look lower (e.g., a 30% margin instead of a 42.9% markup). However, there’s enough cynicism in the world today, so I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt :slight_smile:

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Thank you Ahmed,

I had not realised. I rather suspect that which you suspect but, since the fees have not gone up for me at least, I don’t mind.

Thanks again for drawing our attention to the change.


So in other words, now Prolific charges you 25% of 133.33% of each reward, instead of 100% of each reward plus a 33.33% fee. That is so much clearer!