#HaveYourSay - Custom Screeners, Screener of the Month, Participant IDs & Study Icons

Who We Are

Hi Researchers!

We are the Researcher Experience Squad (our word for ‘team’).

Our aim is to provide you with an amazing experience from the moment you register to the successful completion of your studies.

Our Objective for Q2

Our participant eligibility system finds the participants you request. This quarter, we’re transitioning to an improved version.

We are doubling down on providing you with a reliable, stable and fast platform to recruit the participants you need.

We’ve got a number of ideas below that we’d love feedback on.

We Want Your Feedback On…

:mag: Custom Screeners

We want to make it easier for you to search for your target demographics. So, we’d love to get your thoughts on a feature that would allow you to create your own screener:

Would you be willing to create your own screener (for a fee to compensate participants), even if you might not be guaranteed to get the sample you need?

:calendar: Screener of the Month

Is there a screener you wish was available on Prolific?

Reply with new screeners you’d like to be added. And if you agree with someone else’s suggestion, give it a ‘like’!

If it’s feasible, the most popular suggestion will be made available!

:passport_control: Friendly Participant IDs

We want to update participant IDs. Let us know what has and has not worked for you:

What has been your experience with handling participant IDs?

Have you had any issues with it?

:camera_flash: Study Icons

In the past, we have offered researchers the ability to add a logo to their account which would display with their studies.

Would you want to display an icon or institution logo with all your studies?

Would the icon need to change depending on the study you are running?