Ideas to make selecting IDs simpler

I often find myself in a situation where I must create a new session, but need to exclude participants from a study that is not marked complete yet (the reason it is not marked complete is another problem I have, which I will address in another topic).

To do this it is tedious because I need to download a CSV for each awaiting approval submission, each approved submission, plus each returned submission, plus each timed out submission. Usually I end up clicking one by one the IDs to add to a block list.

It would be great to have one button on each screen which says, select all IDs on this page. Or, even better, just have one click to select all IDs for all participant statuses. Ideally it is comma separated so it can just be copy-pasted to the blocklist.

The version of this I’ve been wanting is to be able to group multiple studies into a project where people can not be part of one if they’ve been part of another. This would be useful at times where I’m trying to recruit a diverse sample but people could, theoretically, be eligible for different recruitment groups. It’s a more generalized case of what you’re suggesting - as you could group the studies where you don’t want overlap.