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Hello :wave:t2:
This is Merve here. I am a PhD candidate in Economics at the University of Michigan. I am super new to Prolific and currently trying to evaluate how feasible it would be to carry my interactive experiment from ORSEEE to Prolific, and really hope that I can!

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Hey @Merve_Sariisik, welcome to the community :tada:

Really glad you’ve found us! Myself and the @Community_Leaders will be happy to answer any questions you have :slight_smile:

(P.S we’ve just launched a £10k Research Grant Competition ! You can enter, or if you know someone who’d be interested, please share it with them)

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Hi all,
I’m Paul, a graduate student in experimental psychology and cognitive science at Tufts University in the Boston area, United States. I’m an advocate for improving research methods and understanding statistics. Before starting this program, I worked on pretty diverse projects and I’m most interested in the interplay between cognition, emotion, and behavior

I’m currently thinking about how to do interdisciplinary work on performance under stress (and some social psychology on the side)

I like to be outdoors (:


Hey @P.P , welcome to the community of #Prolifolks! We’re glad you’ve found us :slight_smile:

Feel free to post any time you’re having trouble, or just want to chat about research related things

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Hi Im Jacques I am new to Researching and have alot of learning to do I am a Great Comminicator.
I am Working as a Preschool teacher, I am Working for prolific to Give the best possible Answers.

I Love IT Because it will one day make a Better world
I Like To play games in my free time as i was In a Organization
I Like to socialize But My Work comes first

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Hello Prolific team and fellow researchers,

I am Thomas, currently a PhD student in New Zealand. I’m originally from Germany and will return to Luxembourg – which is close to where I lived and worked previously – in October this year.

I am mainly interested in experimental research and personality psychology. I like to design experiments and study people’s decisions/choices in those experimental settings. Hope I will be able to continue doing this after graduation! :crossed_fingers:

In my free time I do the usual things: binge watching Netflix, sometimes I read a book (although, I believe, I haven’t finished a single since I started my PhD degree), I enjoy nature, hiking, cycling, and yoga. And I love to zone out to instrumental/electronic/psychedelic music.


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Hello everyone!

I am Katrina McDonough, currently working as a Research Fellow for the University of Aberdeen. My research investigates how we perceive the world around us and how our expectations and prior experiences can shape what we see.

I have used the Prolific platform to run experiments that have revealed that we perceive the actions of others differently depending on how we expected them to behave. Participants reported seeing an actor reaching for an object by lifting their arm to avoid an obstacle that was placed in the way, even though the actor actually performed an inefficient reach straight towards the obstacle. These illusory effects were present automatically but became even stronger when we asked participants to explicitly predict how the actor should reach before they saw the action.

I am also interested in how we perceive the world in the presence of others, and if what we see is shaped by our knowledge of what another person can see from their visual perspective, especially if they have a better vantage point than our own. In other words, can we “borrow” the eyes of other people to improve our view of the world? You can read more about this project and vote for it to receive funding here: I spy with *your* little eye: investigating the remarkable ability to "borrow" the eyes of others.

I look forward to reading more about what other researchers are currently working on!

Thank you,

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Hey @Thomas_Dudek & @Katrina_McDonough, thank you for introducing yourselves! Welcome to the community, it’s really great to have you here :tada:

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Hi everyone, :wave:
I’m Sara, and I am a Psychology PhD student , from the University of Aveiro (Portugal). I’m glad to be here, and to be able to learn with all of you! Looking forward to start running studied on Prolific :blush:
See you in the forum


Hey @Sara_Felix, welcome aboard! :tada:

We’re super stoked to have you here :slight_smile:

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Hello everyone,

So many unique and accomplished people on this forum… Hope I’m not too late to introduce myself!

My name is Jacqueline, a starting researcher and associate professor in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. I’m specialized in psychological research methods and statistics, currently operational in the field of psychology, pedagogy, and educational sciences. In my spare time I like to write, draw, and paint.

Today, two colleagues and myself submitted a proposal to design effective country-specific interventions to motivate the youth towards more environmentally-friendly and aware behavior with the goal to reduce climate change and its dire consequences. We hope it appeals, inspires, and - of course - earns some votes :wink:


Hi everyone!

My name is Brandi Morris.

I’m originally from Southern California but am currently a postdoc at Aarhus University in Denmark. After a number of years in the private sector, I decided to get my PhD studying the underlying mechanisms of how stories affect engagement and action-taking in the face of threats, using climate change as a case.

I’m super interested in understanding how we can overcome biased assimilation of information, particularly in the realm of public engagement with science. My research interests include identity-protective cognition, social influence, risk perception, emotion, science communication, decision-making stories, psychophysiology, and engagement.

Most of the time I do (lab-, digital- and field-) experiments but have a deep respect for the value of a mixed-methods approach that includes qualitative research (of which I’ve also done my fair share outside of academia.) I’ve run a number of studies on Mturk but am new to Prolific and excited to see how things work here.

I just submitted an application (Is the Messenger the Message? Countering the Politicization of Science Through Value-Congruent Messengers) to the Grant Competition and hope you will give my proposal a look. As a lowly postdoc ;-), research funding is hard to come by and I’d really love to investigate these questions.

Happy summer everyone!

Warm regards, Brandi

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Hello everyone! I’m Sónia, a Psychology PhD student, from the University of Aveiro (Portugal). I used to be registered on the participant’s side of Prolific, now I’m on the researchers too! So glad to be here! :blush:

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Hey @Sonia_Santos, @Brandi_Morris @Jacqueline_Zadelaar, welcome to the community :tada:

Super stoked to have such amazing people on the forum. Thanks for joining! Looking forward to getting to know you over the next few months :slight_smile:

And good luck with the competition!

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Thanks Josh! :blush:

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Hi I’m Naomi and I am a Psychology PhD student from the University of Aberdeen.

Humans are widely found to be biased to information about themselves and this is evidenced by the Cocktail Party Effect (you’ll hear your name in a conversation on the other side of the room, but not the rest of the conversation). These biases also occur when the information is rewarding or positive (e.g., a smile). My research is focused on these implicit cognitive biases. I am exploring the underlying mechanisms and why they are altered in mood disorders.

I have submitted a proposal to research grant competition which will explore how implicit cognitive biases change with mood and hence how they could be used in mental health diagnoses or interventions. I hope you will have a look at my proposal and I am very happy to answer any questions! Tracking mood: can simple implicit cognitive biases give away what you are feeling?

I have used Prolific for multiple studies now and have found the access to fast quality data incredibly helpful to allow quick results in my PhD. It’s been great reading other proposals and seeing what other research is being conducted and run on Prolific!



hey @Naomi_Lee, welcome to the community :tada:

Thanks for a fantastic intro.

Your proposal looks fascinating! Good luck with the comp :slight_smile:

Thank you!

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Hi everyone I’m Thabang and I’m a law student at North West University. My researches will be mainly based on the law, governance, politics and civic education.


Hiii everyone,

I’m Jennie, co-founder of the Aphantasia Network and Imagination Spectrum, a platform that measures cognitive differences starting with the vividness of your imagination.

My educational background is in Business, Design and Strategic Foresight. When I first learned that ~3% of the population can’t form mental images of thoughts, memories or images of their future, my mind was blown. I’ve been on a quest to explore the stupendously vast universe that makes up our internal worlds ever since. Submitted a proposal for the research grant competition here. Welcome any of your thoughts, feedback or votes :blush:.

When I’m not designing, building or nose-deep in imagination science papers, I can be found tending to my garden, playing frisbee or enjoying a good book!