Is LimeSurvey compatible with Prolific?

Hello everyone! I am part of a research project and my supervisor is planning to use LimeSurvey for the experiments. However, I could not be sure if LimeSurvey is compatible with Prolific. Has anybody tried using LimeSurvey before or does anybody know anything about how I can check the compatibility requirements?

Thanks a lot in advance :slight_smile:

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Hey @Ulku_Bicakci, welcome to the community! :tada:

Yep, LimeSurvey is compatible.

More generally:

Nearly all experimental software that is accessible via a share-able URL is compatible with Prolific. As long as you can send participants to your survey using an anonymous link, record their Prolific IDs and redirect them back to Prolific upon completion, your software should be compatible.

Thanks so much, Josh!! :partying_face:

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