Message notifications for researchers

Maybe I just completely missed it, but if it doesn’t exist yet, I think it would be great if the researcher tab could make a little noise when you get a message.

If you get a message, it might mean that you have a problem with your experiment. However, there’s nothing to grab my attention when I am not actively looking at the tab with my Prolific experiment (I want to do something else whilst the experiment is running, or I am checking my server tab to check that it is not getting overwhelmed).

The emails are great but they:

  • arrive 15+ minutes too late
  • do not have a preview of the message you were sent

Would it be possible to add features to tackle this sort of problem, please?

All the best,

If I may jump in, I think it is a good suggestion indeed.

As far as I know, there is Chrome extension called Prolific Assistant which makes sounds when a new study is available for a participant. Maybe something similar, but for the “researcher side” would be useful as well…


Oh yes, making the Prolific Assistant useful on the researcher side as well would be great too!
I think I already suggested somewhere that even for participants the Prolific Assistant should notify you when you get a message.


I’d like this too - in fact, making the assistant notify us of any researcher-related notifications would be great!