Network & Chat in Your New Community Groups

Community Groups

Welcome to your new community groups! You now have spaces to chat and network with fellow researchers from your region, field and institution. To kick it off, I’ve created ‘Intro’ threads in each group. Feel free to pop in and say hi :wave:

Why did we create community groups?

  • It’s all about our new community mission: We want this forum to be a place where we all help each other to produce world-changing insights, at every stage of the research process. We hope that these groups will be engines of collaboration!

How do I use the groups?

It’s up to you

  • Join the exclusive forum space dedicated to your group. A full list of all the spaces is below. What happens there is up to you and your group community! You chat, network or arrange collaborations. Say hi to get it started :wave:

Software Specific Groups

  • There are also software specific groups which means you can join and easily tag people who also use your preferred software like Gorilla, Qualtrics etc, to get help and collaborate.


  • Once you’re a member of a group, you can tag them to get their thoughts on whatever you’d like! For example, if you want to chat to your fellow AI Researchers, just tag @Artificial_Intelligence

Can I get a group-specific profile badge?

  • Yep! We’ve got a full guide to getting profile badges here.

Can I create new groups?

  • Yes! Our initial selection was based on how many people from each region/institution/field there are in the community. But, if you’d like to create one, just send me a message :slight_smile:

Go forth and collaborate!

Full List of Groups

Introduce yourself to get the ball rolling!


Research Field


We also have groups for particular software users. They don’t have dedicated space, but they’re easily taggable, if you want to ask questions!


@Oxford_University @Tilburg_University @Aberdeen_University @Northumbria_University @Aveiro_University @UCL @Keele_University @Aarhus_University @Vrije_Universiteit_Amsterdam @Amsterdam_University @Essex_University @Plymouth_University @Innsbruck_University @Cambridge_University @Psychology @Economics_Finance @Marketing @Education @Neurosciences @Linguistics @Consumer_Behaviour @Organisational_Behaviour @Artificial_Intelligence @User_Experience @UK_Researchers @US_Researchers @EU_Researchers @Australia_Researchers @Canada_Researchers @India_Researchers @China_Researchers @Argentina_Researchers @South_Africa_Researchers