New features on representative sample studies: study duplication and block lists

It just got easier to run multiple studies with representative samples. Now you can duplicate previous representative sample studies and exclude certain participants. This means that all study types on Prolific now support these features.

This will save you time setting up future studies using representative samples, and avoid capturing repeat submissions from the same participants.

How it works

If you’ve already run a representative sample study, you can now duplicate it to save time on set up. Select “Duplicate” from the “Action” button.

When setting up a duplicate representative sample study, you’ll now see two new options to exclude previous participants:

  • Custom blocklist - this allows you to exclude participants based on their participant ID.
  • Exclude participants from previous studies - as the name suggests, this allows you to remove participants from previous studies you’ve run.

As always, we’d welcome your feedback on this new feature - good and bad, as well as any bugs or other issues you may encounter when using it. Feel free to share in the comments below!