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At the moment, participants are quite good at updating their info because they know that getting more studies is contingent on having up to date answers. But, that is a great idea. Making it even more obvious can’t hurt :slight_smile:

Please could we have the option to be notified of incoming messages from participants, here below presumably
As requested here by Pei-Ling
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Added to the list! Thanks for the suggestion :slight_smile:

I would love to see more features to support live group video-calls (e.g., group Zoom calls; this is great for group experiments). Maybe there could be a built-in scheduling feature, and perhaps a built-in waiting room (to wait for enough participants to start the group session) would be cool too. Might also need some policy on how much participants can be paid while in the “waiting room”, and what would happen if the waiting room doesn’t fill-up completely by a certain amount of time.

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It would be nice, for me at least, to have the average time (mean or median, or perhaps both) displayed in small letters at the top of the “Time Taken” column in the studies submissions list, so that we can adjust payments to suit, without having to download the cvs and calculate the average ourselves.

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@Moses_Rivera brilliant idea! It’s something we’ve discussed as a team pretty recently, actually.

@timtak another great idea! That would make that process much easier :slight_smile:

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Sorry. The great newish feature
“Balance sample
Distribute your study equally across selected demographics
Is still there. I don’t know how I failed to see it. I hope it stays.


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This isn’t a feature, just a clarification.

At the moment, the study details GUI says:

Note: It isn’t possible to increase places on a balanced study after it has been published.

I think that is also the case that it is impossible to use the “Duplicate Study” function on balanced studies. I am not sure but for some reason I can’t Duplicate recently. If this is the case then I suggest the above be changed to

Note: It isn’t possible to increase places on a balanced study nor duplicate it after it has been published.

Because the lack of “Duplicate Study” is confusing people.

Better still of course would be the ability to duplicate gender-balanced studies since, especially with the lack of one-study-multiple-conditions feature, and the gender-asymmetrical post TikTok demographic, the need to duplicate balanced studies is imho strong.


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We need “Lab” accounts- where we can add lab members who can use the funds. We have the ability to move money to other accounts by contacting the Prolific team, but that’s a billing/invoice nightmare for grant-keeping records. What would be great is a Lab account that contains members, and a director/owner. The members can use the funds with the directors project-by-project approval. That way, the money always goes to a single account and doesn’t float around in a way that the auditors will find suspicious.


+1 to DrJBN proposal!

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Great idea! We’re going to have news on that front soon :eyes:

Once I’m allowed to say more, I’ll let you know :grin:

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The info in the HC for the ‘balance sample by sex’ and copying a study features explains that it’s not possible to copy these studies.

But, it’s not on our in-app guidance. I’ve flagged it with our team to clarify :slight_smile:

The team hopes to get this feature implemented soon!

It would be nice to have an option for sending different messages in bulk, similar to bonus payments. I have an update for 50% of participants and it would be great to have an option to not do it by manually clicking the message for every second one of them.