Publish multiple links within one study


It would be great if multiple URLs could be included in a single study, with a control on how many participants are assigned to each URL. I’ve used other recruitment platforms that have this option, and although I like Prolific much more for many reasons, this is one feature that I really do miss!

In the past I’ve had quite a few ‘multiple submissions’ from the same prolificIDs but to different URLs. I now prefer to run all my experimental lists (each with a unique URL) one-after-another in order to ensure I can update the screening to exclude participants who participated in earlier lists, but this can be quite tedious and makes data collection take much longer!


I’ve just encountered another reason why this is feature would be a huge improvement:

I’ve requested a participant ‘return’ their submission (which they asked me to do as they had a technical issue), but now I have to wait until the participant accepts the return request before a replacement participant will be recruited, and then I can accept all the submissions for this study version, which I need to do before I can add it to the exclusion screening for the next list (to ensure the same participants don’t take part in the next ‘version’) . Having all study versions listed in a single published study would really circumvent many obstacles here, I really do hope it can be implemented in the future :pray: :pray: :pray:

You might want to check out building your studies in Gorilla, which would also solve your issue I think.

In Prolific you’d have the single URL, but within Gorilla you’d design your whole protocol, consent, demographics, randomisation to condition, control conditions etc. So on the Prolific side it’s just one study, and participants can’t take the same study again. But you get the randomisation or stratification to condition that you need.

There’s a short article here about how protocols are created:

Within the protocol you can include questionnaires, tasks, games, or even link to external services.

If this is a real pain point for you, it might be worth checking out.