Rejecting participants does not work

Hi everyone,

Whenever I want to reject participants, it says ‘processing’ but never ends up rejecting participants. When I refresh the page, nothing has happened. Participants did not provide any data but take up slots. So right now I cannot collect all the data I need.

This happens with different IDs and different browsers.

Any ideas on how to fix this?

Hi @Lina_Hillner, welcome to the Forum!

Is it possible that you have reached the limit for rejections? You can read more about the topic on this page. If this is not the case, it sounds to me like a bug. You may try to get in touch with Prolific team by sending a request from this form asking for the bug to be fixed, or, in case it is due to reaching the limit, you can ask them to increase the limit if you provide detailed motivation for it.


Hi Veronica!
Thank you for the information you provided. Do you know what the rejection limit per study is? It doesn’t say in the article.