Request for Help to Review Study Protocol

Hello Doctoral Community
My name is Edgar Vaughn, and I need at least three people to volunteer for field-testing. I am conducting a qualitative descriptive study; focus groups and interviews are the instruments. Please let me know if you would like to volunteer for this task.
This field-testing means for the volunteers to look at the focus group protocol and interview protocol and provide recommendations.
I would also ask the volunteers to commit at least 20 minutes of their time to share their recommendations with me and how the research instruments can be improved.
Please forward to me an email @ and I will be more than happy to send you both documents for you to review. Again, thanks all of you in advance.

E. Vaughn


Does anyone have any time spare to help a fellow community member? :slight_smile:


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Dear Edgar
I would only be to happy to help, but it would need to
tomorrow (Tokyo time) because today is a busy day
with exams and classes. Will 23-24 hrs from now be okay?

Ps Thanks Josh for drawing my attention to this.

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Amazing, thanks Tim! :slight_smile:

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