Slow Recruitment for Studies

I’ve refreshed your study now, so hopefully that kicks things along!

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I’ve given it a ‘bump’ :slight_smile:

I’m very sorry that you’ve been experiencing this slowdown. Our team is still actively investigating what’s causing it.

Hi Josh,

I have the same issue and sent a request to the support team already. My eligible pool is 30k+ active users, I post during business hours, and actual payment ended up being GBP11+/hour, so I don’t think the issue is on the user side.

Thanks for fixing it.

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Hey @Michael_Schaerer, welcome to the community :tada:

Just to clarify, are you still experiencing this issue?

Yes, it’s been happening for the past 72 hours at least.

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Any progress on this issue? I have one participant after 45 minutes despite a ‘great’ pay rate and 48,000+ eligible members. I’m concerned that I may not get the 200 I need and have two other studies I was planning to post this week.

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Hey @Kylie_Rochford, welcome to the community! I’m sorry that you’re experincing this issue. The developers are actively looking into the cause at the moment and we hope to have a fix out soon.

In the meantime, if you provide me with the name of your study, I can ‘refresh’ your study on our end which will make your study more prominent to eligible participants