Studies Incorrectly Designated "Awaiting Review" or "Complete"

Hi Prolific,
There are two situations in which studies are incorrectly “Awaiting Review”, and a third scenario, studies incorrectly designated “Complete”

  1. The first is when all data collection is complete and all submissions have been approved, timed-out, returned, or rejected. In this bug, the study remains in “awaiting review” when it should be “completed”.
  2. The second is when data collection is not complete. For example, 50 submissions begun but 5 were returned. The study is designated “awaiting review”, even though data collection is not complete.
  3. The third scenario is an extension of #2, when the study status changes to “Complete” but the number of submissions does not match the desired number. [this issue was added on 10/1/21 in response to a forum post]

The user has no option but to submit a help request in all of these situations.

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Thanks for the heads up. Has this resolved itself?

I don’t believe so, but it’s hard to know for sure. We have two studies currently in situation #1 (but no pressing need for a status change so I havent submitted a request) and #2 has happened multiple times in the past couple of months.

I also saw this come up in the forum, which was when I made the post

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Let me know as soon as you submit a ticket, so I can prioritise it :slight_smile:

Otherwise, the team is now looking into this issue. I’ll let you know once I have an update