Time waiting to participant


I started my first experiment about a week ago.

I increased the place for participants (by 2) a couple of days ago and I am still waiting for participants to do my experiment.
Is it likely to wait for 2 participants for so long (2-3 days?)
For the first batch, I waited a day or two for the same amount of places.

Thanks in advance,
Shay Grunwald


Hey @Shay_Grunwald, welcome to the community! :tada:

Are you still waiting? :slight_smile:

No :slight_smile: Finally I’ve got the participants’ responses.
Thanks for repling.

For future experiments, can you tell me how long it’s usually taken until participants react to experiments?

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Study participation will depend on a number of factors such as the perceived fairness of the reward for the study, how complex the study is, the length of the study and how interesting participants may find it, ease of understanding and subject matter.

In terms of how long recruitment would take, it is not currently possible to provide exact data on this at the moment. But, we generally see with studies on Prolific that most of the participants required will complete the survey within 24 hours of launch, and the remaining submissions will be gained over the subsequent days. This all depends on the complexity of the study and incentive for participants. :slight_smile:

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