Top Up Issues

Hi! I am trying to top up my account using a creditcard. After filling in all the details, I get a white pop-up in my screen, after a while it says “took too long to respond”. I then refreshed, but by balance wasn’t topped up. Any idea what’s going on here?

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Hey Rose, welcome aboard!

Has the money come out of your account? :slight_smile:

Hi Josh, unfortunately, I cannot see that because it is a university creditcard. The only thing I can see is that my balance is still 0.

I’ve checked out our system, and no transaction has been logged. So, it’s unlikely that your card was charged. It was probably an error with our payment provider. Try to top up again, and let me know how it goes :slight_smile:

If there are further problems, I can get our team to investigate.

(And when you can, say hi to your fellow Prolifics :wave: )

Dear Josh, thanks for all the quick replies. The same thing happened again. White pop-up not responding, no balance.

In case it is useful, it looks like this.

That’s very strange. Our technical team will have to investigate this. Could you submit a report here?

I’m sorry for all the trouble this is causing you!

As soon as you get a support ticket number, let me know what it is, so I can get it prioritised :slight_smile:

Hi Josh, I submitted the report, and the number I got is: 100334. Thanks again!

I’ve flagged it with our team. They’re investigating now :slight_smile: