Vote for new screeners - round 5 (May 2022)

We’re opening up the next round of voting for new screeners!

As you may know, we provide more than 150 screeners free of charge on Prolific. We also know that some of you

Vote for the screeners you want to see

Here’s how the voting rounds work:

1. Suggest a screener by replying to the thread below.

Make sure you include the following:

  • A description of the audience you want to screen for. Be as specific as possible
    Example: People who have flown on a plane before

  • Describe how you would phrase the question for your desired audience. Please include answer options.
    Example: Have you ever travelled by plane? Answer options: [1] Never [2]1-10 times [3] >10 times

  • How often, if ever, should participants responses be updated? This is useful for traits which may change over time, such as whether someone has had a particular experience in the past [amount of time]. For example - Have you travelled by plane in the past year? would be updated yearly.

Post your suggestions here in the thread by Friday, 13 May.

If you see a suggestion you like, be sure to like it by clicking on the heart in each post. This helps us to shortlist.

2. Shortlisting and voting

We’ll come up with a shortlist of four suggestions for new screeners and post a poll in the thread. Watch this space, and be sure to jump back in and vote.

Polling will open the week commencing 16 May, and be open for seven (7) days, so be sure to get your vote in early!

3. Winners
Winners will be announced shortly after the poll closes, and will shortly thereafter be added to the Prolific platform.

As always: please check through the list of screeners to be sure what you’re suggesting isn’t already an existing screener option!

Check out the previous rounds of voting


Homeowners who have considered/purchased a Bathroom Faucet in the next/past 12 months.

Have you considered purchasing or have you purchased a bathroom faucet in the next/past 12 months?

  1. No
  2. Consider purchasing in next 12 months
  3. Considered purchasing in past 12 months
  4. Will purchase in next 12 months
  5. Purchased in past 12 months

Would be updated yearly.


People from the United States who are eligible to serve on juries. Part of juror eligibility is whether people have current felony charges pending or past felony convictions. I would like to ask the following questions (updated yearly):

  1. Do you have any pending felony charges? (Yes or No)
  2. Have you ever been convicted of a felony? (Yes or No) [If yes, go to question 3]
  3. Have your civil rights been restored such that you are allowed to serve on a jury? (Yes or No)

Race/ethnicity of Prolific user’s romantic partners

Question: Please indicate your romantic partner’s ethnicity (i.e. peoples’ ethnicity describes their feeling of belonging and attachment to a distinct group of a larger population that shares their ancestry, colour, language or religion) [question phrasing should be similar to the question asking participants to indicate their own ethnicity]

Answer choices: [answer choices should be the same answer choices presented to participants to select their own race/ethnicity] African; Black/African American; Caribbean; East Asian; Latino/Hispanic; Middle Eastern; Mixed; Native American or Alaskan Native; South Asian; White/Caucasian; Other (please feel free to let us know your ethnicity via email); White / Sephardic Jew; Black/British; White Mexican; Romani/Traveller; South East Asian

This would be a one-time question (no need to update yearly, monthly, etc.).


Cat/dog owners (although could be broadened to other pets/animals potentially). To be updated annually.

Do you currently own any cats or dogs?

  1. Yes, 1 or more cats (but no dogs)
  2. Yes, 1 or more dogs (but no cats)
  3. Yes, 1 or more of each
  4. No

Whether or not participants engage in self-harm (also known as non-suicidal self-injury)?

Example question:

“Self-harm is when someone deliberately hurts themselves, without wanting to die (i.e. NOT as part of a suicide attempt). Would you consider yourself someone who has engaged in self-harm?

First-generation college students (vs. continuing generation college students).

This could be measured by combining the existing pre-screening item on current college enrollment status with the following item:

“Did either of your parents earn a college degree (of any type)?

This would not have to be updated frequently, as it is part of the person’s stable demographic background.

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I’m rather surprised Prolific doesn’t have a screener related to work experience already.
Audience: People with work experience.
Q: How many years of full-time work experience do you have?
Answer options:
[1] None
[2] Less than 1 year
[3] 1-2 years
[4] 3-5 years
[5] 6-10 years
[6] More than 10 years

Should be updated yearly.

I like the question, but would suggest using “university” rather than “college”. Outside of the US, the term “college” has a meaning different from what is meant here.

Some general comments (happy to come back with specific questions):

One category I’d like see more of (and I’d like to hear others’ thoughts on the specifics of this) would be social attitudes questions. At the moment there is one on climate change and one on abortion. But for anyone doing social research, there are plenty of others, both on the economic/fiscal axis and the social liberal/conservative axis.

With demographics, it would be very helpful to have UK and US versions where the wordings and answer options match the census in the country in question. This obviously doesn’t matter for some things, but for properly representing ethnic and religious groups (disproportionately minority groups in each case) it would be very helpful. The are a few complications for this (eg minor differences in wordings between UK nations, and the US having a separate question for Hispanic origin, but nothing insurmountable).

With questions about voting history, the current format is not ideal. Political researchers will typically ask respondents to think back to the election (or referendum) and whether or not they voted, and then ask which party/candidate/option if applicable. If you simply provide a ballot-like list with a “didn’t vote” option, people instinctively gravitate towards the party they support, without properly thinking about whether or not they actually voted. When I split tested this in the UK, the one-step format increased reported turnout by 10 points (which per the literature, is almost certainly the less accurate result).

Hi Jon,

If this is too specific, could we adjust to:

Homeowners who have considered/purchased a plumbing product for your bathroom in the next/past 12 months.

Question would be rewritten as:
Have you considered purchasing or have you purchased a bathroom plumbing product in the next/past 12 months?

  1. No
  2. Consider purchasing in next 12 months
  3. Considered purchasing in past 12 months
  4. Will purchase in next 12 months
  5. Purchased in past 12 months

Would be updated yearly.

I don’t see the poll. Is it posted?