We've launched Workspaces!🥳

The next time you log into Prolific you may notice something new: your account is now attached to at least one workspace. Up to now, Prolific was designed to be used by individual researchers, meaning teams of researchers would need to find a workaround to collaborate on projects.

Over the past few months—and with the help of you here in the community—we’ve been designing a way for teams to share access to their studies and funds, and we’re excited to make this available to everyone today.

Some of the benefits of workspaces:

  • Give your whole team access for free;
  • Assign admins and collaborators to give the right level of access to those who need it;
  • Organise multiple studies into projects, and
  • Create new workspaces to collaborate with others at no additional cost.

Log in and check out Workspaces

You can read more about Workspaces on the Prolific Blog.

Special thanks as well to everyone who tested and fed back on earlier versions of Workspaces over in the Sandbox.

How are you finding Workspaces? Any questions on how to use it, issues you’re experiencing, or tips to help others get the most out of it? What other features would help you with your research? We’re keen for your feedback - leave a comment in the thread below, or start a new thread in Ideas and Feedback.